Title: Allergies Types Explained – Advantage Allergy Services There are different types of allergies and each one has different symptoms and treatment. Check out this video and learn the different type of allergies commonly affects [More]
YAAAAS! Managed to finish the voiceover without sounding too terrible (I stopped pretty much every 30 seconds to sneeze and blow my nose). I’ve tried to edit this video at least 6-7 times but I [More]
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On Saturday, March 5, 2016 I had a allergic reaction to having my hair dye with Henna. This was done at a hair salon in Austin. I’m allergic to Paraphenylenediamine (or PPD). It is a [More]
[disclaimer] don’t mind my rants, heavy breathing & sniffling from allergies, or shakiness. Lightings off, oops. ** Not sure as to why they continue to release 17 month agendas & not have an option for [More]
Making food allergies less scary at Halloween In the soul of Halloween, treats can be precarious for children with sustenance hypersensitivities, which is one in 13 kids less than 18 years old in the United [More]