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A flower discusses his interesting predicament with allergies. © Justin Garcia 2012
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Did you know that before vaccines were invented, we didn’t even have the word allergy? Before we started injecting foreign material into our bodies, there wasn’t a word for anaphylaxis? On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyIncredibleOpinionWithForrestMaready/ Stickers, T-Shirts, [More]
Title: Allergies Types Explained – Advantage Allergy Services There are different types of allergies and each one has different symptoms and treatment. Check out this video and learn the different type of allergies commonly affects [More]
YAAAAS! Managed to finish the voiceover without sounding too terrible (I stopped pretty much every 30 seconds to sneeze and blow my nose). I’ve tried to edit this video at least 6-7 times but I [More]
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