In this video I explain how I got my dog Stassi allergy tested and what her results were. This test was done by my veterinarian. I also give some general information to the best of [More]
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the worst!! ps: sry about the chapped lips, I was SHOOKETH too yikes!!!!! Product used: Aztec iNDIAN CLAY MASK + apple cider vinegarrr! see where I lurk: Twitter + Instagram: @umalkhairr
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I’m so sorry for all of my sniffles! I’ve got some wicked seasonal allergies…and I’m thinking possibly a cold as well. Ugh! Goth Mom tag questions (Could also be goth parent.) 1. Do you force [More]
Join Our VIP Club and Save $100.00 Instantly! Call:1-877-262-4014 1-888-236-7647 (Para Espanol) One in three of you is allergic to something inside your old mattress, the waste created by millions of dust mites. [More]
★ Like us on FACEBOOK: Reasons For Getting Skin Fungus And How To Prevent It We’ve all encountered skin fungus at some point in our lives, which is inevitable as fungi live almost everywhere. [More]