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Just like us, there are many things that can trigger dog allergies, that grating sound of fingernails scraping on a blackboard, the smell of a certain fragrance, mold, and most importantly, food. Let’s look at [More]
‘You Don’t Have Allergies,’ Dr. Phil Says To Guest Who Claims She’s Allergic To Almost Everything
A woman has an allergy to water so rare even the smallest drop of liquid causes her skin to break out in hives and blisters – and it means she only showers twice …
Chrysanthemum tea is a great traditional Chinese medicine remedy for allergies. Learn how to make chrysanthemum tea with tips from an acupuncturist and herbalist in this free video on TCM.
Here’s what ingredients to look for in your tea and the truth about a couple natural remedies for allergy symptoms! Plus an important fun fact at the end!! Music:
Learn 3 ways you can take Nettle to reduce foggy head, sinus congestion and itchy eyes during allergy season. Remedies included are a tea, capsules, and tincture … but check out the video for more [More]
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