www.readiness-plan.com Girl blistered hands turn out to be symptom of rare ‘allergy’ to sunlight. Check out the reviews and tips at: http://readiness-plan.com/11-year-old-girl-allergic-to-sunlight/
For some, simply inhaling an airborne peanut particle can send them to the emergency room with a minor to life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. This is the reality for many people with food allergies, but new science [More]
Spring allergies have us coughing and hacking, what about you? Check out this acapella parody of Britney Spears’ TOXIC. We upload new videos every Tues and Fri 9am EST, https://www.youtube.com/TheHoldernessFamily Be a part of our [More]
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Food allergies seem more common now than ever. Are we just hearing about them more because of better awareness, or are they really more common? We have reliable data about celiac disease: it’s four times [More]
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Michelle wonders if her allergies are psychosomatic and if she can get rid of the thoughts that cause them. “I can’t get rid of a thought,” Katie says. “But if I question it and see [More]
If you suffer from allergies, you may need to remove fermented, aged, and cured foods from your diet. While the ultimate solution should be to make yourself more resilient to both pollen and these foods, [More]