Hey guys! In this video I am focusing on treating Coco’s Deep Pyoderma (deep bacterial skin infection) that occurred mostly on her neck and hind end. The treatment consists of a course of antibiotics for [More]
http://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news Dr Jones’ neighbour has a very itchy dog..Pippy. Dr Jones shows you how to tell why your dog is itching and scratching, then what you can use to stop the itching. See exactly what [More]
This hemp-infused shampoo from PetFX is a doctor-formulated, hypoallergenic natural solution for your dog’s sensitive fur and scalp.
“Life is the bubbles!” Learn how to make some DIY shampoo for your dog that is great for helping fight fleas and ticks when you are in a pinch! It will also leave them squeaky [More]
If your dog has allergies, you’ve probably researched about dogs with itchy skin and seasonal allergies in dogs. Helping out dogs with itchy skin can be super tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Rest [More]
Watch our professionally recommended Dermacton shampoo in action.
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