DONWLOAD PDF Organic Skin Care: Homemade DIY Organic Lotion, Organic Shampoo and Organic Perfume Recipes Karina Wilde Book DONWLOAD NOW Let’s Connect! Pinterest – Website – This hydrating shampoo and conditioner for sensitive skin is scientifically formulated to restore health and vitality to your hair, while preventing dandruff and flakes. Excess heat [More]
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Dr. Mike walks you through the process of checking your pet for fleas; what to look for, how to use a flea comb, what is flea dirt, and the importance of starting a flea control [More]
Dr. Wayne Rosenkrantz, DVM, DACVD, discusses the complications that fleas can cause for your pet and the treatment options available. Dr. Rosenkrantz is board certified in animal dermatology. This information is not meant to replace [More]
Protect your pet from fleas by learning about the flea life cycle.