This video focuses on effective treatment and possible testing of Hives/Welts in all age groups.
Allergies reign supreme. Successfully combating them entails an enormous array of pills, potions and sprays none of which provides a knockout in all cases. Non-sedating anti-histamines such as Zyrtec may offer some relief for the [More]
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Some cheaper alternatives to the allergy pill Zyrtec. Allergies suck and so does paying Zyrtec prices to help lessen the suffering from allergies.
Escape your allergies in the summer and go to the beach! The shore has less flower and tree pollen which means there is a lower allergy index. Coastal areas are known to be less irritating [More]
Mold inside your home is a sign that indoor moisture levels are too high. This can have a significant impact on your mold allergies. Watch and learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of [More]
Watch and learn how to help keep your child’s allergies in check during the school day. Get info on allergy triggers, tips on reducing nasal allergies, and ideas on managing your children’s allergies. ZYRTEC® — [More]
Cat dander and saliva are the leading cause of pet allergies in the US. Exposure to cats can trigger a number of allergy symptoms. Watch this video to learn how to recognize cat allergy symptoms [More]
Pollen, dust mites, and mold spores are common allergens that can be found in your kitchen. Watch and get tips on how to keep your kitchen allergen free. ZYRTEC® — LOVE THE AIR® Learn more [More]